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Do you prefere homemade food? Love small cozy places? You appriciate open and easy atmosphere where you feel like at home? Welcome to Mr.Pancake!

Mr. Pancake is a family-run pancake house in the center of Munich, Germany. It is not big, but very hospitable and authentic. Our guests are true admirers of hot and healthy breakfast, nutritious lunch and dinner. What can be better than a hot breakfast that is being cooked specially for you?

Our pancakes don't belong to a certain country. We present national pancakes ideas of 12 countries. The idea of Mr.Pancake International Menu comes from our love to people of all nations. Here you can find American pancakes, French crepe, Dutch pannenkoeken, Swedish raggmunk, Polish nalesniki, Czech palatschinken, Spanish filloas, Icelandic Pönnukaka, Finish lettu, Russian olady, German Pfannkuchen; sweet and savory pancakes, thick and thin, vegetarian and with meat, and even gluten free, and many other offers.


1. When you come don´t hesitate to chat with our staff. Feel free to ask questions, as you usually do when you come to your friends` home.

2. Order your pancakes and hot drinks and then choose a table you like. Your pancakes will come straight from the frying pan. If you want to have some cold drinks feel free to find something in the fridge.

3. Feel free to tell the staff about your expectations. Our guests are from different cultures and their food habbits can be different. For example, come people like to have coffee before their meal. Others have coffee after, some guests like coffee and pancakes at the same time.

4. Feel free about the tipps. They are not included in the bill, so it is your own decision. It´s a nice tradition about greatfulness, but not a rule.

Feel free, comfortable, like at home. We are here to make your day better! :)


Before we started our Pancake House we were just a young family that loved to travel around the world: Prag, Warsa, Moscow, Amsterdam, Kopenhagen. As tourists we were interested in good-quality and nutricious meal, not expensive, and not to wait long. To tell the truth it was not easy to find what we wanted. Fast food like famous fast food chains - not for us. Expensive restaurants where you have to spend an hour or more... not the best choice. We also were not interested in places focused on alcohol.

We think there are many people with the same meal interests. We decided to open a place that combines all our expectations: with homemade and cooked to order dishes like in a regular restaurant, not expensive and preety fast like in a fast food restaurant, friendly like at your friends´ home. Now it exists: Mr. Pancake. Welcome to taste!


We wanted something international. Something you can find in the most cultures. We wanted something creative. And something very friendly. Pancakes can connect the world. When it is not just one type, but the union of tastes and forms, it sounds interesting. It is like a discovery when you are in a pancakes world. We do love people of different cultures and so happy to cook for all of you.


Pancakes can have not only nutritional value for your body, but also for mind. Alex and I are researchers. We do love to discover new cultures, customs, and traditions. Our dream and our goal is to explore all the pancakes are being made in the world in their best recipies. How we do this? A persentage of our income we invest in our Pancake Trips. First, before our trip to a certain country we learn about its pancake: history, recipies, form, places that serve them. We connect with people in villages or small towns who could show us the traditional way to cook their pancakes. We visit them, learn, study their product such as milk, flour, eggs, butter, look for differences and similarities, study special tricks and secrets. We also visit places that serve national pancakes. Sometimes we find something we didn´t expect. For example, we tried french crepes in more than 10 places in France. But the best french Crêpe Suzette we found in a french restaurant in Moscow.

We travel, learn, explore, taste, try, and then bring the best to our pancake house in Munich. It is more then food. It´s adventures. It´s a part of life.


At 5 pm (till 8 pm) we start 5 o'clock Tea Ceremonies, Pancake Parties, Pancake Dinner, or Bavarian Dinner. We sell tables for couples or groups in order to be prepared to serve in advance.


Do you know anything about 5 o´clock tea ceremony? It is a wonderful British tradition to have tea with something delicious at 5 o´clock. Queen of England loves to participate in this.

Mr. Pancake invites you and your friends to enjoy your 5 o´clock tea and wonderful crepes with different toppings. Buy a table for 2, 3, 4, or 5 people and we will serve it with a tea you will choose in our menu, and a big plate from 10 to 25 crepes with a variety of toppings (for instance, homemade jam, ice cream, condenced milk, powder sugar, cinnamon, apple mouse, banana, and strawberry). You will have great time chatting with your friends, drinking tasty tea, and enjoying the pancakes. It is worth to experience!

Buy the table in advance to get the best price:

Table for 2 - 19.80 EUR (9.90 EUR per person)
Table for 3 - 26.70 EUR (8.90 EUR per person)
Table for 4 - 31.60 EUR (7.90 EUR per person)
Table for 5 - 37.50 EUR (7.50 EUR per person)

What if your team is bigger than 5? The price for each person will be the minimum one: 7.50 EUR.

Do you want to spend time with your friends and enjoy the variety of our international menu? Organise your Pancake Party! Gather a team of friends (min 6, max 16), arrange time from 5 pm to 7:30 pm and connect with us in advance to help us be prepared the best way.

What can you expect when you come? First, we will tell you about the most unique pancake traditions of Holland, Austria, Germany, and Russia. We will provide a master class and you will learn how to cook Dutch poffertjes, Austrian kaiserschmarrn, Dutch Baby (German pancake), and Russian Tzar blini with red caviar. Then... wonderful time to taste and celebrate! What about drinks? Sorry, no alcohol. We will offer a variety of soft drinks or juice.

Price for a participant - 50 EUR. The price includes an historical presentation, master class, 4 unique pancake dishes for each participant, and drinks. Mr. Pancake party is a real adventure that will be prepared specially for you! Please, connect with us to order!

You have a big family or a team (from 4 to 16) and want to have dinner in Mr. Pancake? We offer to avoid waiting time and have dinner straight when you come. How does it work? Please, connect with us and we will send you our menu. When you choose the dishes you want us to cook for you, please form your order and send it to us. When you come your fresh-cooked dinner will be served. Sounds great? Welcome to dinner!

It is a great option not just for tourists who are interested in Bavarian kitchen, but for those who are interested to try pancake traditions of Bavaria. What kind of pancakes do Bavarians eat? Do they also like pancakes? Yes! We will not just cook, but give you some historical background of local pancake traditions. You will have a pancake soup, tradition potato pancakes as a main dish, and amazing apple ring pancakes as a dessert. Drinks? No alcohol, sorry. We offer an apple or black currant german drink that is very popular here. Price for a person for 3 dishes and a drink - 25 EUR. Includes the historical review of Bavarian pancake traditions. Please, connect with us to order.

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