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Ingolstadt's wine, whiskey, gin and craft beer tastings bar. Serving up your local favorites as well as tastes from around the world. Experience the taste!


Enjoy your tried and true local favorites or escape to another world with one of our (personally taste tested and approved) wine, whiskey, and gin flyts. A flyt provides three small tastings that allow you to find new favorites, compare varietals, or sit back and enjoy the differences offered from taste to taste. We now offer a big selection of craft beer.

Our concept is simple :
1. Relax with us in our private courtyard, or in the comfort of our cozy lounge and bar area
2. Pick your tasting pleasure: Wine, Whiskey, Gin or craft beer (or all of the above)
3. Relax.
4. Swirl…Smell…Swig…Repeat.

Flyts puts you in command of your tasting palate...experience the taste

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